About Us

A few great reasons to join BPW



As a BPW member, you become a part of a National movement to make a difference in the lives of working women as we work together to create the changes needed for equitable work environments and supportive communities.



Exchange ideas, explore business opportunities, and share common goals with professional women at the community, region and state level, as well as through online social networks with other BPW members and through the BPW Foundation.



Our National Foundation is headquartered in Washington, DC, for a reason – to provide members effective national representation on issues critical to working women.  BPW Foundation has always been instrumental in impacting public policy.  Stay informed and participate in the process though the use of our online advocacy center.  Learn how to be a successful advocate and lobby your representatives at the Annual Policy & Action Conference. 


Career Advancement

Participate in BPW programs that are specifically designed to provide personal and professional development, growth, and opportunities. Through webinars, seminars, workshops at the local, regional and state levels and the BPW Foundation online career center, BPW members are given a vast array of opportunity to gain the skills they need to succeed and   be successful.  The BPW Individual Development Program and the Young Careerist programs have opened doors for thousands of women to reach their full potential.



Have quick access to relevant and up to date information that will be of value to you through the BPW Foundation and State Website, as well as information from your state leaders.



Increase your marketability by developing and honing your leadership skills at the local and state levels with mentors to help you along the way. Identify volunteer opportunity that match your professional goals and use those transferable skills, Become a recognized leader by getting involved in programs that benefit your community.



Gain visibility and prominence in your community through involvement in BPW events. Meeting, newsletters and web sites provide opportunities to showcase and promote you and your business.


Helping Others

BPW has a proud tradition of “women helping women”.  In 1919, BPW was the first organization built upon this premise.  Through local projects, and, supporting the BPW NC Foundation and the National BPW Foundation our history of helping women continues.


Personal Connections

Membership in BPW brings many rewards but the most lasting and meaningful are the lifelong connections,.  Through participation in activities and programs, you will form supportive friendships as well as important business relationships.  There is nothing quite like the feeling you get in a room full of focused, powerful women, energized by current issues and a common cause.  Whether it is laughing together, working together or lobbying together, BPW members know how to have fun and to get the job done.

About Our Organization

BPW is a non-partisan, grassroots organization focusing on the needs of working women, whether they be employees, businesswomen, or young women beginning their careers.

BPW advocates for working women and their families, bringing their issues to the attention of political candidates and the legislature. Specifically, we advocate for:

  • Equal Pay
  • The ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment
  • A family friendly workplace.
BPW/NC Legislative Mission
Ensure pay equity, equal education and economic opportunities at all stages of life; and promote affordable quality dependent care to help ensure economic self-sufficiency for women.
BPW/NC Mission Statement
BPW-NC’s Mission is to provide personal and professional growth opportunities and to promote equity for North Carolina women in the workplace.

BPW/NC Federation

Business and Professional Women of North Carolina (BPW/NC) is a multi-generational, organization working to provide personal and professional growth opportunities and to promote equity in the workplace. We’re a network of North Carolina women who are committed to achieving full equity for all women in education, government, business and the community. The North Carolina Federation consists of Local Clubs around the State. Members of each Local Club are automatically members of, and receive the benefits of BPW/NC. Elections are held annually for leadership positions at the Local and State Levels and members are encouraged to participate in leadership roles or on BPW committees.

Membership in BPW/NC includes an affiliation with the Washington, DC BPW USA Foundation, which has carried on the mission begun by BPW/USA in 1919. The BPW Foundation focuses on issues, such as Women Joining Forces; Workplace Research; and workplace policy initiatives.

Signature BPW/NC Programs:

  • Individual Development
  • Young Careerist
  • Women Joining Forces Mentoring Plus
  • Career Woman of the Year
  • Reality Store
Club Bylaws

Executive Board



20162017 Eboard


Katie Allen (chair)

Christine Barrier
Karen Cobb

Public Realtions
Carolyn Williams (chair)

Jazmin Caldwell
Christy Wilhelm


Joanna Moses-Elliott

Carol Ambrose (chair)

Fran Lowder

Natasha Byfield (chair)

Heather Mobley
Debbie Morse
Bobbie Sheperis

Iris Friends (chair)

Dinah Banton
Wanda Mooney

Issues Management
Heather Mobley (chair)

Perla Nunes
Kelly Tanner

Young Careerist
Chantel Daia (chair)

Paula Yost
Joanna Moses-Elliott


Elizabeth Rothwell
Kelly Tanner
Susan Benton-Wilson

Community Outreach
Sona Aquino (chair)

Jodi Livengood
Patty Hoskins
Annette Heim

Special Projects

Julie Ueleke (co chair)
Tracy Jackson (co-chair)
Heather Mobley